We developed a social media app for Network Marketing leaders. 

“Thoroughbred Solutions brought my vision, Our Tribe, to life. I wanted to help leaders communicate in a focused way, collaborate, and connect with their team in a meaningful way.


Our Tribe needed a platform that allowed Network Marketing Leaders to run sales teams, develop leaders, and cultivate a winning culture. 


We began our relationship with Our Tribe through our Solution Process. After our consultation, we built a custom social media platform where users can create groups or “tribes.” In their tribes they can participate in discussions through the discussion feed, get announcements directly from tribe leader, and receive push notifications when their is activity in their tribe or an announcement is made. 


  • Our Tribe


  • Video Spot
  • Marketing Website
  • Native Social Media App (iOS/iPadOS/Android)
  • Web App


  • Private Groups
  • Leader/Admin Roles
  • Social Sharing
  • Engagement Features
  • Discussion Feed
  • Leader Annoucements
  • Resource Management
  • Incentive Tracker
  • Direct Messaging

our tribe

where Social media meets business.

Our Tribe users can comment, like, or share within their groups. It was designed to feel like a familiar social platform but with added tools to support a network marketers and sales teams. 

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