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On The Go, And In The Know

Do you know the percentage of Americans that own a cellphone of some sort? A mind-boggling 96%, and the amount of Americans that own a smartphone is 81%. Every interaction that a user has with their smartphone or mobile device is via a mobile application. Users want to utilize mobile applications that have an aesthetic modern user interface (UI) and provide a positive user experience (UX).


The Importance Of Mobile Application Development

With the growing use of smartphones and mobile devices, the need for mobile applications is more important than ever before, and “now” is the time to capitalize on the ever growing number of mobile device users. Thoroughbred Solutions can design and develop a mobile application to help you disrupt the competition and add value to your business.


In Hand Out Of Pocket

Thoroughbred Solutions has an in-depth knowledge of not only Android, Windows, and iOS application development, but UX/UI design practices and concepts to create a solution that will keep your customers engaged, and coming back for more. Our solution architects, product managers and development team will design and develop an aesthetic modern user interface (UI), while providing your customers with a positive user experience (UX) to satisfy your business needs, and keep your customers satisfied. Our end goal is that our solution makes the life of you and your customers simpler, making your business more accessible to your customers, and increasing your businesses’ overall customer satisfaction and value.