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Mind, Development And Operations

DevOps is a way of thinking, an approach, and an ethos. Without a DevOps mindset in place, there may be an unsettling in those that deliver the solution (development), and those that maintain the systems that the solution will run on (operations). This unsettling can lead to increased wait time for software deployments and releases. DevOps brings together all of the technical resources that are needed to design, build, verify, deliver, and maintain your solution, so that there is no unsettling or friction: increasing time to market, innovation, quality, redundancy, and security.


Thoroughbred And DevOps

At Thoroughbred Solutions we’ll be there every step of the way: we will design, deliver, and maintain a solution specifically tailored to your needs. Once your solution is in place, and the time has come when you need to release new features, make updates, scale up, or down, not only will we be able do it reliably, we’ll be able to it quickly, while ensuring quality and security.