Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is an effective way of learning more about your customers or audience and gives you a chance keep engaged with them. From welcome emails for new customers, news of the latest products for returning customers, or an email introducing your company to a possible future customer, Thoroughbred Solutions uses professional designs to drive customers to your site.


No More Spam or Junk


When is the last time you opened an email that you just knew was spam?  We design our emails in a professional way so that the receiver opens it with interest rather than disgust.


Tracking Success


Thoroughbred Solutions constantly tracks a multitude of statistics including open rate, click rate, and unsubscribe rate. This data allows us to work efficiently for you.


Using analytics, we are able to identify what is working specifically for you. Our Email Marketing goal is to drive people to your business while positively promoting and building your brand.